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Routely provides pool service companies the tools they need to manage and run their business.

Pool Service Software Routely

The Pool Service App You Can Use Anywhere

It’s easy to manage your entire pool service business on the go with the Routely app.

Routely Makes Managing Your Pool Service Business Easier

Routely is more than a pool service software – it’s a complete operating system. Pool Service companies use Routely as the backbone of running their day to day operations.

Manage Customers

Easily track each customer with the ability to have multiple bodies of water and multiple locations. Communicate easily with customers at the click of a button.

Manage Routes

Create, customize and optimize routes. Routely comes with intelligent features that allow you to account for stops and optimizes changes to routes automatically.

Communicate Better

Routely sends your customers professional looking work estimates and invoices. Send your customers chemical readings, photos and recommendations on the go.

Work Orders

With the Routely app you can easily track service calls, filter cleanings, and repairs. Attach photos when reporting an issue and document each service call.

Accounting Sync

Automatically sync your operating system with your Quickbooks account. Routely integrates with Quickbooks to make double entry billing & invoicing a thing of the past.

Smart Reporting

Routelys comprehensive and sophisticated reporting suite make it simple to pull useful data from the operating system in either PDF or Excel formats for easy import into other programs.

Over 300 Pool Companies Use Routely To Manage Their Business

Trusted By The Pool Industry

I searched the market extensively for a service software to help me manage my own pool company Master Touch Pools in Boca Raton, FL.

Having been disappointed by the lack of features I felt were essential to managing my business, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I began developing a software to help me better run my own company and thus Routely was born.

What started as a tool I was fabricating to help me run my business, quickly became a passion as I realized that this tool could help others. I began showing others my software and quickly developed a following on social media. A community of Routely enthusiasts and supporters within the pool industry has been vital towards encouraging me to continue to improve the product. I hope you enjoy Routely!

Nilson Silva
Routely Founder

Send Customers Alerts When You Complete A Service Call

Routely keeps your customers up to date with pre-configured handsome templated emails. Save time with a template that lets you add service details and photos. Customers love the service reports Routely generates. Service companies love how professional Routely makes their company look.

Customize Your Template

Routely lets you customize the details and information that go in the email report your customers receive. Add or remove whatever information you feel is important.

Add Photos To Your Service Reports

Customers love how Routely includes photo attachments to the reports they receive. Pool techs appreciate how easy the Routely app makes adding a photo to a report.

Try Our FREE Demo

Routely is free to try. Take a trial run for a week and see If Routely doesn’t make running your pool service business easier. The desktop service software and downloadable app are both free to try. We offer a complete software walkthrough to show your pool company the benefits of switching to Routely.

Syncs With Quickbooks Online In Just A Few Clicks

Routely easily syncs with the most popular accounting software in the pool industry Quickbooks Online. More pool service companies operate on the Quickbooks platform than any other software. Consequently, the Routely app provides complete accounting synchronization and integration. Make double accounting entry a thing of the past when you sync Routely with Quickbooks Online.

1. Sync

Routely will first provide you a method to link your Quickbooks Online account. It will then synchronize with your accounting database and create a connection.

2. Link

Once you’ve linked your customer database with Routely you’re ready for single entry accounting. Entering customers into Routely will automatically create them in Quickbooks.

3. Produce

Routely makes it fast and convenient to generate invoices in Quickbooks for all the work performed by your company. Making sure all of your invoices are automatically reconciled.

Complete Route Management On The Go

Whether you have an internet connection or not, Routely is smart enough to wait until your tech has service. The software begins automatically syncing file data to the cloud as soon as a connection becomes available. Ensuring that your data is always safe and that nothing gets lost from one stop to the next. Don’t let a spotty internet connection effect how your business manages data.

Intelligent Route Optimization AI

Routely’s patent pending revolutionary new AI optimizes your route like never before. Ensure that your techs are operating at max efficiency. The better you can optimize your route, the more money you can make. Let Routely’s Smart Route feature determine the best route plan.

Visually See Your Route

With your entire route dot pinned and represented in a map it’s easily to visually inspect the flow and locations of the customers in your route.

Calculate Distance & Time

Routely immediately shows you the total distance and time it takes to get from one job to the next. Take all the guess work and estimating out of the equation.

Drag and Drop

Make changes to your route on the fly and let Routely auto optimize your route. The software will immediately re-calibrate the distance and time and optimize your route automatically.

Save Pre-Configured Routes

When you’ve optimized a route setting, save it as a template to reuse. Routely makes it easy for you to save your favorite settings to use on other routes.

Get a 10,000 Foot View Of Your Business At a Glance

Pool Service companies continuing to operate on a paper based system suffer the same problem. Lack of visibility prevents you from making informative decisions in real time. Pool companies operating on Routely enjoy the benefit of knowing where all their techs are at a moments notice. With just a few clicks business owners can immediately see how their business is performing and what tasks need to be completed that day. With a digital business management suite like Routely, business owners can control their entire operations remotely from within the app itself. Routely is a complete Pool Service Operating System.

Track Bodies of Water

Routely makes it easy for you to track the vitals and water chemistry readings in a body of water. Easily track readings and dosages to keep track of pH, Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, Chlorine, service notes and more.

An Entire CRM System Keeps You Up To Date

With your Routely app in hand you’ll never lose a gate code again. Forget digging through your glove compartment for business cards and phone numbers. Stop living life off scraps of paper. Routely takes your old paper customer tracking system and keeps it in a tidy searchable database. Easily share information with other techs, store notes and file attachments.

Developed for Pool Companies by Pool Companies

Routely isn’t yet another pool service software developed by some techie or app developer. Routely was specifically created as a Pool Service management software to help run my own pool company Master Touch Pools.

We’ve been using the software and refining it for the better part of 5 years. Since it’s inception Routely has come leaps and bounds and many of the wishlist items I wanted to see in a Pool Service software have become a reality.

I developed Routely to help me have better visibility over what my techs were doing out in the field. I needed a tool to help me track my customers and do the heavy lifting of double accounting entry for me. I wanted a tool that would help me communicate with my customers and better manage my routes. It was important to me that the software store information about my pools. Equally important to me was that it be extremely easy for my techs to use.

I felt so confident about the product we developed that I wanted to share it with other pool companies. I wanted to provide my peers with a best-in-class product that could change their lives and help them better manage their businesses.

Watch the quick video presentation

If you’ve got 2 minutes, watch a quick presentation on how Routely can help revolutionize the way you run your pool service business.

Manage your pool service business anywhere.

Routely lets you take your pool service business on the go. Want to find out how to get started? Call us today at (754) 300-7221 or email [email protected]

Best Pool Service Software

Routely is the best pool service software you’ve been searching for. With best-in-class features, best support, and best tech – it’s simply the best solution. Period. Find out why more Pool Service companies are switching to Routely.

Your customers will love how Routely keeps them up to date about the work performed on their pool. You’ll get paid faster with Routelys automated invoicing tools. Never forget billing again!

Your techs will love how Routely allows them to keep their customers informed. The app allows them to attach notes, photos and send beautiful automated email service reports in real time.

Routely makes managing your work flow easier. With our drag and drop interface it’s easy to make adjustments on the fly. Let Routely’s AI help automatically optimize your route for best performance.

Managing customers, invoices, techs, and projects is easy within our intuitive interface. Routely’s state of the art technology allows Pool Companies to effectively manage their entire organization. Our scalable solution is ideal for both single offices as well as multi-office Pool Companies within the same city or multiple regions & territories.

What The Pool Industry Says

Routely has been downloaded and demo’d thousands of times by Pool companies across the world. Hundreds of companies are currently using the platform to effectively manage their organization. We are proud of the reputation we’ve developed and that our software has been acknowledged by industry experts. Our software has been featured in Pool Magazine and PoolContractor.com. Watch our testimonials video to see how Routely has helped improve our customers businesses.

Ready to make a switch? Get Routely Today!

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